Failed assertion Bug unhandled tier level 5

Issue: crash bug as placing second wan
Crash (y/n): y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows 10
Description: was completing the quest that talks about opening up an area for lvl 2 players. I had just completed it by placing a wan and as i clicked the fibre option the game crashed.

crash message attached

on second attempt its clearly nothing to do with the quest I was doing as it happend well after i had completed it this time.

Thanks for reporting! This was some broken maths in the code; it’s fixed in the next build, which I’m trying very much to get up on Steam today (but I’m also wrestling a bit with a new build server machine. Lots of stuff going on today!)

Once it’s happening, it will presumably continue to happen every time you try loading into that saved game again, effectively making the save game unusable in the current build. Those saves will be fixed and working again in the next build.