Faction unique cosmetics

I’m really excited for the addition of player factions, as I think that it will be great for world building and even being able to create experiences based on existing media. One thing I’ve been wondering, however, is wether or not we will be able to make classes look different when used by players of different factions. This would make more sense than having all players of a class look the same, as opposing factions would most likely have different equipment, and faction appearance does often play a part in the decision to join one faction or another.

Right now, it’d be really tricky to make classes look different between multiple factions, but it could probably be done.

The easiest thing would probably be to give each faction a different set of “detail” colors, so it could be as easy as defining a set of colors for each faction and then the game can just automatically do the variations. (We treat the costume colors as: “skin”, “eyes”, “hair”, “body detail”, and then “primary”, “secondary”, “detail1” and “detail2” clothes colors, in order from left to right, within the costume editor interface)

But I’ve also been asking myself whether it’d be more flexible if we just let players create separate classes for each faction; then folks who want both factions to have “Fighter” classes can just make a copy of the fighter class from one faction and put it in the other faction, and then edit the costume however they want.

Note that our options are a little constrained here because the technology we’re using that lets us draw thousands of characters at once without destroying the frame rate really only works if the models are all the same. So the more different model variations there are, the more it’ll affect the game’s speed!

But I’m definitely open to suggestions on this topic!


Really interesting discussion. As much as it seems like it’d be more taxing on the hardware side, the idea of creating separate classes for each faction sounds amazing. My mind is going wild with the creative possibilities.

I’d prefer factions having their own classes, and if players want them to possess the same ones; it shouldn’t be hard to recreate them(since abilities can be saved). Maybe an option though to reuse classes for both factions for lower-end PCs?

I’m not sure how doable this could be, but it’d be great if we could set what the maximum number of NPCs, Monsters and Classes are, whether this be done in-game(with a warning) or via text document in the game’s files.

I have a new question on this topic. I have often in this thread and others seen people say ‘both factions’, indicating there will be only two. Is this the case, or will we be able to create more? Also, what would customization of faction ms regarding emblems and the like possibly look like?

Say a given Class model has many small variations due to accessories, factions, lv ,… would it possible to “disable” all the extra fluff while the game is sped up or the camera is too far away and show only the base model?