Entity deleted itself during its Update (Game Crash)

Issue: Game crashes when changing target of NPC to another zone.
Crash (y/n): yes
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows

Error: Entity deleted itself during its ::Update() – Failed Condition: entity->GetNext()!=entity – VS_Scene.cpp:170

I have my Quest Givers setup, and when I click New Target for one of the preexisting quests to a closer zone, the game will crash and give me this error.

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Thanks for the report! I’ve started seeing those errors being reported rarely in the last couple days; this is the first time someone’s been able to tell me exactly what they were doing.

I’m going to try to have a fixed build up in an hour or two! I think I know what’s likely to be going wrong, based on what you’ve said.

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I know that the quest giver thing is like 100% guaranteed for me to cause that,

I’ve also gotten it from various other things… Switching from a VIP to a person with the upset tag, or whatever it is also caused it.

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Yeah, this is a generic error which gets caused when a renderable object in the game (for the broadest possible definition of “object”; windows, buttons, characters, the cursor itself, etc) gets destroyed or even disconnected from its scene while it’s being processed. It’s a bad situation, but one that we used to try to handle cleanly.

About a month back (or maybe two?) I finally decided that I couldn’t 100% reliably cope with that happening, and so turned it into a fatal error. It’s entirely possible that there are multiple things would could cause this message to happen. But having a 100% reproducible case helps a lot! :slight_smile:

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Okay, found and patched the issue! The build server is updating the build right now. Will probably take about an hour to reach Steam; I’ll post an update in the changelog thread once it’s there!

Thanks heaps for posting the extra details! I’d been pulling my hair out trying to figure out where those complaints were coming from, and had been searching in entirely the wrong places! :smiley: