Enemy balancing

How should I go about balancing enemies? For classes people suggest buffs and nerfs but for enemies nothing happens. Am I missing something or do I just have to guess?

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When clicking on a zone you can see the stats of how many monsters/players have been killed the past hours. I use that info to compare my zones to eachother.

Also the ‘unsubscribe’ button helps. It shows the reasons why people unsubscribe. If you click on the reason ‘i keep dying’ you can see where they die. If you see its a lot in a certain zone you can slightly alter the monsters there. Dont make too many adjustments though as the monsters in higher level zones are more impacted by your changes then lower level monsters from the same typ.


Thanks, I’ve tried to get the level 1 balance for monsters to 2.5 and the players to 3.0, but some monsters I have made harder on purpose. Should I try to keep all monsters even? Or should some purposely be harder for high level zones? Any help would be appreciated