Empires and Factions?

Will we ever get to make factions in the game? For example if I wanted to make an Assassins Creed like world, would I be able to make the Templars and the Assassins factions? I can imagine having a faction screen where you can set up rivals, attack on site, and make quest giver NPCs a part of each faction, and each player has 3 levels of reputation with a faction, Friendly, Neutral, Enemy, of course these could all be changed to sound better but the basic premise is there, keep up the great work!


There are plans to bring Factions to the game and we’ll be able to start different races in different regions and have them fight one another when they interact and they will apparently also complain about the other side having better content like abilities and classes.

I think the complaints part is going to shape apart of the difficulty to progress through the game and they have plans to add better mechanics to make the play through have more of a story/campaign/difficulty curve, I hope so.

You can see a brief explanation of future plans on the roadmap here

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Oh thanks so much, should probably do a bit of research before I burden the forums next time lol
Just looked at it and it is amazing, the devs really know how to listen to feedback!