Elite Monster question

Hello !

I’ve been wondering as to how to set up Elite Monsters properly? I noticed that when I took one over, they didn’t have any skills, so are they separate to ordinary monsters? For example, is an elite skeleton the same as an ordinary skeleton with extra stats?

Is there a way to edit these monsters individually to give them abilities and such? Thank you!

Elite monsters pretty much have 2x of what a normal one would have in the same level zone. Same skills and same speed tho only 2x more hp mana rage and im not sure about damage

It is my understanding that the Elite Monsters are the Elite version of the vanilla version of the same monster so if you edit about the abilities of the vanilla monster the Elite version would have more Mana (If they have Mana and Hit Points if they have Hit Points) for example a normal Croc has 10 hp and an Elite version has 11.8.

Hope this helps.