Dungeons was the wrong call

The core gameplay loop is still very lacking and I think dungeons should’ve been delayed till much later in development. Features such as class weapons/animations, factions, class abilities, class starting zones, GM/Dev functionality, events, technology, etc should’ve been focused on first.

Dungeons are meant to alleviate server population but I usually don’t have this problem except in my starting zone; eventually it’ll fix itself when most players move out at their own pace. Even so once you’ve built your dungeon, some players will go there and relieve some stress on your normal servers… but is that it? What exactly are dungeons bringing besides a new enclosed environment? Using mountains and arches I’ve already made my own underground areas.

When Spiffing Brit played this game a year and a half ago, I fell in love and played the heck out of it… but since then it doesn’t feel like anything really meaningful has been added. Blimps/Ships are cool but are just another means of transport. The new assets are cool but are all cosmetic. Right now the Dungeons update likewise isn’t gonna provide much reason to delve back into MMORPG. I know a lot has been done with this game, it just doesn’t feel like it.

Maybe Dungeons is really gonna blow our socks off when you give the full reveal, maybe it’ll come with some new cool features… from what little we’ve been shown though, there’s not much reason for me to be excited. I understand Dungeons needs to be finished after working on it for so long, I just think that in the future content priority should be reconsidered. Godspeed with development Trevor, I truly hope you can make this game the best it can be.

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