Do players do ALL quests of one level before moving to the next zone?

I made a bunch of level 1 zones with multiple quests and starting points in different parts of them to prevent crowding. Although it’s difficult to track what individual players are doing (because they often log off in the middle of what they’re doing) it seems like I have a whole heap of level 2 and even level 3 players in those zones doing level 1 quests (and thus not advancing nearly as quickly as they would if they moved to the next zone). Do players ‘complete’ a level before moving to the next?

Answer: No, high-level players should not be doing low-level quests; they should be immediately discarding them and traveling to a higher-level region!

OK thanks, there’s obviously something else going on with my players then, I’ll try to follow enough to work out what it is and report back.