Do not change seasons (terrain)

When changing the terrain, scenery objects get replaced. I knew this, but I did not know it would remove all my custom placed objects.

I was making a beach town, and I used the icy terrain (as it looks like white sand). After an excessive period of decorating, which can take a lot of effort and time as I decided to move some buildings and remove and replace walls/paths to be able to place decor in certain areas… I really put a lot of effort into this one.

Afterwards, the icy white did not look as good as the desert sand. So… I changed it… and effectively erased hours of progress. Boxes, war banners, light posts, barrels, weeds, logs, rocks, campfires, the 6 Palm trees that took so so so much time to work around. Gone :sob:.

The last save still had so much work to do, and then i’d be back with the icy terrain… It feels like the project was a failure the second I chose the icy terrain in the beginning. Very demoralizing.

I decided to get rid of the shops and the tavern and made it a yeti monster town.

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