Difficulty with damages

I am having an issue where my players are mass complaining that they are dying too much. (over 7000 complaints very quickly)
I boosted their health to max on each class but it persists.
I watched my only lvl 7 player get 1 shotted over and over by a mob and then he unsubbed.
I then followed a player more closely and checked the math.
He was lvl 6 with 111 health.
The monster hitting him used a level 6 attack that should only do 6 damage. The creatures level was also 6. The attacks were doing 60 damage and were extremely rapid. Thus he was 2 shotting my player killing him over and over.
It was not a boss monster.
It feels like this problem just popped up out of nowhere suddenly. There were always a few hundred complaints about deaths but it just rocketed into the thousands. My game has only 9000 players to give an idea of the scale.

The only weird thing I have done that perhaps is causing bugs is that I am playing the game on 2 different computers at different times. Apparently our saves are stored online so I am able to load the same game each time.
I have noticed that the autosave is not the same though.
Anyhow, I know this game is in Alpha so I am not sure if this is a bug, or if it’s supposed to be this way.

So, not sure if this is the issue, but the Ability designing interface shows the level 1 value of abilities by defaut. You can adjust this with the “Tooltip shows level:” slider under the black box in the Ability designing window.
However, even if its supposed to deal 6 damage at level 1, it should only do 22.3 damage at level 6. So I’m not sure if that’s the problem.
It might be like a combination of attacks?? If the monster has 5 abilities (as they would have be default at level 6) and they all do damage, and they’re all instant to cast , and they all have 1 second cooldown - I could see that getting really crazy really fast.