didnt know if u was aware of nexus mods

hey when i was googling to see if there was any mods i saw a reply to some one on steam questions from the dev talking about steam workshop being in the future plans, but there is a site nexus mods ill add a link, i tend to find that site has mods for stuff either before steam or just more mods then steam, i didnt know if u was aware of the site or not

i been addicted to your game, its realy good fun, i checked the road map and cant wait for the things left on the list will make the game cool, also this new update today with the buildings grid lock n stuff gonna make making towns alot better so thank you

i know its a small thing and i expect the game will gain more mob/char parts, but its be nice to have some wings in it, even if it was like feathery/bat/butterfly so i could make some dragon mobs n stuff

again if nexus had a way to let modders make stuff alot of that sorta thing might get done by some modders helping u kinda split the work abit, some modders real do some cool stuff i guess if not just ideas u might find some things u didnt think of that would be cool, and this game is perfect for modders the possibiltys are endless and that in itself kinda makes a game for me the foundation is such a good idea and it just works so well :slight_smile:

games great, i hope when u add the factions tho u allow the number of factions to be choosen, casue itd be nice for more then 2 if u wanted to make like a big crazy mmo just for fun, but id guess mayby need a way of choosing a map with more regions for that madness, but yh just my thoughts, amazing game, so thank you for your work and your updates, im glad it wasnt on sale when i got it, casue more money you can make for your time n effort the better and the longer you can apply your self to the project, keep up the great work <3

I definitely am aware of Nexus Mods, but I believe they basically operate on their own; it’s not something that we as developers set up and organise. And they’d have trouble really doing much with our game until we provide our model conversion tools (which convert from standard 3D formats like FBX and COLLADA into the game’s own, simpler, vmb format)

I expect that we’ll be doing that as part of our support for Steam Workshop, when we get to that! :smiley:


ahh okay i understand, thank you for the reply, and yh i understand every thing takes time, keep up the good work, realy is a great idea and game

I have been using Nexus Mods since Skyrim was released. There are some amazing mods there but it has also been my experience that this mods keep on breaking when the Developer updates the game the mods are made for and then the mod has to get updated to work with the new release of the game and until it does obviously the features the mod was providing will not be available. Sometimes the person writing and updating the mod gives up on that mod and works on mods for another game and your favorite mod becomes and unavailable with the new release.

On the other hand anyone who has played Cyberpunck 2077 knows what a God Sent these mods can be when there are so many issues with the game and these mods come to rescue the game.