Default Class Abilities

There’s somewhat of a learning curve in figuring out how to create and balance class abilities, it would be helpful to have some archetypes or examples to work from.

Would be good to have a table to see Health gain for both NPCs and PCs per level to balance attacks, it would make balancing zone so much simpler…

All the numbers everywhere in the Design interface are shown assuming level 1.

So even for the values you set on an ability which is learned at level 10, those are the values that the ability would use if it somehow had been learned at level 1, and was being used by a level 1 character. And then everything scales up to level 10 together. If things are balanced at level 1, they ought to remain balanced as levels go up (unless there’s a bug in my maths somewhere, which of course isn’t impossible at all!)

I agree that it’d be nice to have a way to change which ‘level’ you’re looking at in the design interface, and to see all the values as they’d be at some other level than level 1. But in practice, it wouldn’t really be giving you any extra information.

Well, first off thanks for the prompt reply, second off, yea it would make it way easier to balance knowing that values scale as if lvl 1… Third off brb my mages are casting cataclysmic spells if I understood this correctly !