Dear Trever, an open (motivation) letter

Dear Trever and Team,

I did dive a bit deeper in the history of your company and have to say I am impressed, not just about what you did but when and why. I also had to read that you felt burnt out and exhausted and overwhelmed by the things to come and here we, as an audience, have a duty to say something.

I want to tell you that if there is no additional update anymore, MT2 is still a great game and a work of art that is able to stand tall. The work you already did is great and something you should be very proud of.

I want to thank you for that.

Don’t get me wrong, I will not say that you reached the end of the journey, I think its far from that, but I don’t see it as things that are missing, I see potential that can be added and will elevate this game. Based on the Boxleiter number I would estimate that you sold about 120 000 copies and the reviews are very positive. All this creates not just joy but pressure, especially pressure to deliver and this very pressure can be paralyzing, especially if one beliefs that he has to deliver something or otherwise would be considered a fraud or worse.

Please let me ensure you that I would not see it that way and I think most of us wont. We did buy an early access title and yes: as such we hope for things to come but I would not have paid the price if that what is already there would not be at least “good enough” to justify the price. I expect 3 hours of joy for every 10 bucks I spend. MT2 delivered more than that already. Way more. You deserve my money with the work you already did.

I look very much forward to what might come, but I think that if you try to force things out of pressure, it wont be the marvel that the game is now. It would just be a product.

Please don’t fall down the trap of deadlines and milestones and all the other crap that we all know just produces friction and please don’t understand all the ideas we put in the forum as requests we expect you to deliver, but more as things that even increases the attractiveness of this wonderful little game of yours and with even more features, even more people will spend money on the product, once they think its worth what you ask.

I think a lot in the community will agree and let me end with wishing you all the best, many great ideas and the energy to make them real and most of all: the knowledge that you are where you are because you did what you did and not because you earned something that you haven’t fulfilled.

And let me end on the note that I hope all of what I said does not even matter because the feelings you described some month ago are already a thing of the past.

However it is, I wish you all the best!


Thanks so much for that message, Toxi! :two_hearts:

First thing I want to reassure folks about: After having made some changes to my daily routine I’m doing a lot better now than I was a month ago, so please don’t worry about me too much! More details about this below.

Second thing: MT2 has been a labor of love for me for almost a decade. The game was eventually going to get finished no matter what, whether or not it went to Steam or was a financial success; I’ve never been able to stay away from it for very long! Our success in Early Access has just meant that it can be my full-time job instead of my hobby, and that I can afford to pay awesome folks like @Caligari and @Cass and @jarjarguy to help me out with it, too.

The real problems from last month and before were that I was spending too much of my energy on things that my brain doesn’t seem to count as being “productive” and so wasn’t rewarding me for doing; I was just getting tireder and tireder and had less and less energy to do the real stuff my brain wanted to be doing.

About a month ago when I finally recognised what was happening (this isn’t my first time at this rodeo!), I handed a whole bunch of important tasks like first-tier player support and bug report wrangling over to other folks, and that’s freed up a lot more of my energy which I’ve put back toward development. Doing that has boosted my mood immensely; I’m finally beginning to feel basically normal again! Huge thanks to everybody who’s been helping me with this; you’re all legends. :smiley:

(and also, I’ve finally remembered to actually take my vitamin D supplements again; speaking as an indoor cat who’s been diagnosed with a mild vitamin D deficiency, I always forget how much of a mood difference those make for me!)



hey @trevor,

i think we all are happy to hear that :slight_smile: take care about yourself … and thanks for reminding me that taking my vitD subs would also be a good idea … :sweat_smile:

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We’re all happy to hear your better, you have made such a wonderful game, and a very nice community, we’re willing to accept any time off that you wanna take, and if you just wanna chat. we are all here for you! While we are waiting we can play this small little masterpiece of a game and appreciate all the work and effort that went into it!


Yes, I will double down on this, @trevor!

I stumbled across this beaut and bought it only a few weeks ago and already have put 300 hours into it–and that’s still just on my first game. Even as it stands this is an amazingly addictive and itch-scratching work that you and your team have made. However, and in whatever state, this game lands it will already be in better shape than so many other simulation games. Thank you all so much for the work you’ve done!