Current XP amount for monster death?

With the new patch that just went up for controlling XP does anyone know the current rate at which a monster’s death will give to the player? I was unable to find anything regarding it and before I start building a spreadsheet to just do a per level regular vs elite monster figured I would ask. I also assume in some future patch we will be able to just control it but for now I just figured I would ask.

In the test branch you can already set exactly how much XP a specific level moster gives (as well as how many kills are needed for a level). I believe the formula it uses is BaseXP+(AdditionalXP x Level) with the standard values being 45+(5 x Level). I don’t know how the elites differ from this formula though.

This update has been live on the main default branch on Steam for about the last 24 hours, at this point! So yes, the ‘XP & Leveling’ tab of the Design window has a big table showing how much XP a monster of any level is worth. And you can configure the numbers if they aren’t to your liking!