Crash while playing. No error message Latest Build Linux

Issue: Crash without Error message
Crash (y/n): y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Linux Manjaro

Just playing the game and the game crashed without warning. I have uploaded automatic logs. It would seem that I cant upload txt logs to the forum.

Thanks for reporting!

That crash was caused by another case of strings going out of sync with an enumerated value in the code. In this case, I think it was caused by a quest which was sending people to a potion shop.

I don’t know why it wasn’t being caught by the code that was supposed to be catching that sort of problem automatically, long before I pushed builds out. Still investigating. But a fix will be coming soon. To avoid this crash for the immediate future, don’t point quests at either potion shops or regular loot shops. Proper fix coming soon!

Okay, I’ve worked out why the bug wasn’t being caught the way that it was supposed to be!

Turns out that I have two paths through this part of the code, and I had only inserted the sanity checks along one of those paths; this particular case was using the other one, and so wasn’t being tested for sanity.

I’ve fixed that now so that both paths get tested! And I’ve fixed this problem; I’ll be pushing a fix for this very soon.