Crash while placing a Inn

Issue: After placing a Inn,a crash happens
Crash (y/n): Yes,it crashed
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 7
Description: I Was playing normally after other crash,i cound’t detect what were the cause of the bug,so i didn’t posted earlier,and then placed a inn,and the game crashed,the crash log was uploaded to @trevor (i think)

Somehow, you’ve wound up with a path that has two waypoints in the same position. Not sure how that can happen, but that’s what resulted in this crash.

I’ll make path placement more robust, to keep that from happening; it’ll be causing other problems, too. (And I’ll remove duplicated waypoints during the load, to fix it in paths which have already been created and saved)

If you want to work around the problem for now, delete your paths and re-place them; I expect that this will result in a crash every time you place a building in that region, until it’s been fixed.

This should be fixed in 0.13.5, now up on Steam. Please double-check this for me, since I was unable to duplicate the crash myself.