Crash Placing Mountain. Monster Info Page Overlapping

A couple (hopefully) straightforward bugs here:

Issue: The game crashes when I try to place a mountain.
Crash (y/n): Yes.
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10.
Description: Upon attempting to place a mountain, the game will instantly freeze and crash.

Issue: Some lines in Design > Monster info pages overlap.
Crash (y/n): No.
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10.
Description: Picture explains it best. The “Average happiness” and “Average Addiction” lines that are (intentionally, I’m assuming) blanked out in the monster info tabs seem to overlap other open tabs.

Oddly enough, that overlapping you’ve taken a screenshot of is the same “speckles of infinite blackness” that we had in the network view!

I’m assuming that I’ve done a “divide by zero” somewhere in the rendering. I’ll look into both issues tonight!

And I now have fixes for both. Those will be coming soon!

The “mountain placing” thing would also affect chasms, but not any other terrain types. (Basically, any terrain type which I flagged as “impassable”). it would freeze up if there were any NPCs placed in the region where you were editing the terrain. Fixed in the next build!

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