Crash Laying Network Cable

Issue: Crash Laying Network Cable
Crash (y/n): Y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
So… was going through the tutorial. Placed my spawn point and then placed the Network-Bandwidth-Thingy (now known as NBT) next to it. Selected the network cable tool, clicked on the NDT and then the spawn point. Game froze up and then crashed after a couple of seconds.

Emailing you the log and save files now!

same here, but just on the first try… send via ingame-function…

Thanks for the report, I’ve found the cause of this!

This is the most common crash report so far from MS15. It’s happening if you make a cable that’s too short; it’s accidentally making the cable with both ends at exactly the same position, and the rendering code doesn’t like that.

There’ll be a fix for this crash in an update in a few hours, plus a clarification in the tutorial which will hopefully help folks understand how network cable works a little more clearly. :smiley: For the moment, you can work around the crash by building your network cables longer; long enough that a grey preview of the covered area draws around the cable.

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