Couple suggestions

Hello, so I’ve been playing this game for awhile now and I have a few minor suggestions, maybe they have already been brought up but here they are

1: world boss form of elites monsters- I tried normal elites and jacked up all their stats, made them super op moves and they still proved little challenge for my players

2: Factions- think like Wow with horde and alliance, it would be nice to set up zones and town for specific factions and some that both can visit for those PvP style MMO themes. Maybe some quests to occupy a flag area in one oppositely of the factions towns.
^^^----- my most wanted feature----

3: shop controls: control if a shop is expensive or cheap, maybe even what it sells or even if you want to get really complex custom items/potions

4: making your own character and playing. Not just controling an existing player

5: mounts

6: more info on classes or monsters you make to better tell how things balance against other classes or monsters

7: server realms- like games with EU, NA servers. (( I made one game that was super successful money wise and had a massive player base. It was primarily based off of PvP with extream gaps between levels. I made several zone per level and I reached a point where even my decently strong computer would lag out and even crash because I had over 10k online players in my densely decorated world. The only solution was to gouge every player in my game for RL money untill my player base died down enough to calm the choppyness))

Dunno about #7, but the rest of them have been mentioned in one way or another. Literally worldboss monsters and factions are in the roadmap for this milestone.

Roadmap:MMORPG Tycoon 2