Concern of Addicted Status

I am wondering about the addicted status in Inventory page of s subscriber.
“Not addicted: bank balance locked.” and “Addicted: bank balance available.”
What do they mean?

Because it seems no relationship with the addiction bar in Stats, or the Budget/Bank Balance.
I saw subscribers with bank balance $10 and $2000 having same “Not addicted”, and Budget $3 and $ 500 as the same.

Does it reflect to how eager the subscriber want to spend money in game or if he/she could afford the expenses during game?

I believe if a player is addicted they will be willing to spend money from their balance on microtransactions and subscription fees, which they will not do when not addicted.

There are really two effects of addiction in the game. The first is that the higher a player’s addiction to the game, the less likely it is that they will unsubscribe, even if they aren’t enjoying the game. That effect gets stronger as their addiction stat goes up.

The second effect unlocks for any player whose ‘addiction’ stat reaches ‘3’ (on a scale of -5 to 5). This is the point that the game starts calling that player ‘addicted’, and that player begins to consider spending their savings on the game (the “bank balance”), instead of only spending their daily entertainment budget.

(There are actually a few other minor effects of addiction as well; addicted players are much more likely to take the time to post about your game online, generating positive or negative buzz based upon whether they’re enjoying the game. Less-addicted players are much less likely to bother spending the time to do that!)

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