Computer Crashes While Gaming

Help me I really need it…
My computer crashes while gaming…I don’t understand what’s going on. Software like Premier Pro, Photoshop, Office 365, every high-end program that is out there works great without any problems. But when it comes to gaming, they all freeze, and the sound goes crazy…and I have to hit either the reset button or the power button to restart my computer and work again … here are my specs

Windows 10 Pro 64bit
I3 7th gen
16gigs of ram
GTX 1650 super
240gigs SSD
Cable Internet

Thanks for checking out. I have done three things.

  1. Removed all the dirt from the CPU Fan and heatsink,
  2. Scanned the whole system with Malwarebytes,
  3. Launched the game as an admin.
    I really don’t know which one helped me but my problem got resolved. This article has helped me a lot which a friend of mine sent me last evening.