Class model changes are undone after reload

Issue: Class model changes are undone after reload
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10 64bits
Description: Changes to class models are undone after loading a save
Before realoding image

After reloading image

…this… surprises me. But I confirm, costume changes don’t seem to be being saved/restored!

Looking into this now.

Update: Found the issue! This bug came in when I changed our model file format, and the file extensions they use. [1]

The customised costume was being saved using the old filename extensions, so during load the game it was complaining that the specified model files didn’t exist, and reverted to the uncustomised base costume.

If you only customised your characters using the “whole costume” options, you’d never notice, as those settings were being restored once the fully-specified costumes in the save file were rejected.

This will be fixed in build 0.15.9, which I’m going to try to have ready for tomorrow evening.

  1. Previously, models were saved as .vmd (for ‘Vectorstorm Model Data’, our old text-format model files). Now we instead use .vmb (for ‘Vectorstorm Model Binary’, our new binary-format models which can be loaded much much faster than the text ones). ↩︎

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