Cheaters - optional?

This is a recommendation for the Cheaters mechanic where some players use cheat tools in the game. Is it possible to maybe have this function as a setting to enable or disable it? There were a ton of cheaters in the old games I played, but they rarely had impact on my experience as I only played PvE games. The only real annoyance was people bot farming for cash which they’d sell on ebay. I personally don’t like the mechanic as it is now and want to focus on building a fun game for my fake people to enjoy without it.

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+1. either optionnal or a way to offload the work you have to do to GMS and such. That’s the only reason why I don’t play the game currently. Too tedious.


I agree with that suggestion Dann. It gets really annoying trying to deal with them all on your own. I end up spending more time letting the game run with the “Detect” option hovering over the spawn portal than I do playing the actual game. I almost never build outside of the pause menu because of it.

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