Characters no Combat

Issue: In my MMORPG game the Warrior and Paladin Classes don’t fight monsters

Crash (y/n): NO

Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10 Pro,
I7 4790k 3.6ghz
16 gb ram
Geforce Gtx 1070

Version number: 0.17.91-g73b7b4b_win64

Description: I don’t know if it’s a bug or an incorrect setting. I currently have 3 classes: Paladin, Warrior and Treant.
When they fight each other it’s all right. Instead when they fight against monsters, the paladin and the warrior freeze, (as soon as the action changes to “Fighting”). Instead the treant manages to fight without problems.

I share the savegame (it would be useful to allow the possibility to attach .vrz files to the message, at the moment I can only attach image or video)

So the problem is this: At level 1, the only combat ability your Paladin and Warrior classes have available is this second one (in this case, “Beatdown”), which requires Rage to use, as per the “Costs to activate” line.

Rage can only build up as players use combat abilities, and these two classes don’t have any available combat abilities that generate rage, and which don’t require already having rage to use. That’s why they aren’t attacking.

Really, they probably should be complaining and running away from combat, instead of just standing there if they actually have no ability to perform combat. I’m making a note about that; it hadn’t even been a situation I’d considered! But for the moment, that’s your issue. If you make the “Strike” ability available from level 1, or remove the ‘Rage’ cost from the current level 1 attacks, either of those changes should get them fighting again.

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