Character not carrying items anymore.

Issue: character not carrying weapons after adjusting model
Crash (y/n): no
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows 10
Version number: 0.18.40-g6312988_win64
Description: i went to adjust a class in my main file, (all pieces). I used the prefab ‘orc’ and adjusted head arms and legs, and the class stopped carrying weapons across the entire map, reloaded, no change.

So… A work around. I changed the torso, and it fixed itself… They eventually started carrying weapons again… (I did this with a favorite i had marked cause he was one of my first of that class)

If you mess with the sizes while they already exist the visual of the weapon dissapears, they still have it tho if u check their inventory. Only way around is for them to log out/in, enter combat or buy a new one. Also remember that alot of the hand models can’t visually hold weapons at all.

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