Character boost or nerf buged

One character do 0.2 dps and still OP cant nerf it any more and people wants me to do so. Other chars have 6 dps and wants boost. This is bit buged i guess.

It’s so true, my paladin has 0dps but 2200 people still want nerf and my ranger has 4.7dps and 2300 say to buff lol

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jokingly Your subscribers are trolls. XD

For serious, though- one thing I’ve noticed is that they seem to pay more attention to the stats of the classes, like especially health per level, more than the skills. Possibly try adjusting the health and see if that helps…?

Worth noting that the buff/nerf demands only change at the start of each in-game day, at about the same time that updated tier lists come out. And that a pretty large portion of the buff/nerf demands are driven entirely by the tier list. Would be interesting to hear about what tier the different classes have been placed at. :slight_smile: