Capitols - level 0 zone

i would love to see a zone “level 0” where there is no fighting but a central city of sorts where players can socialize. this would be particulary important for players who reached the “endgame”. they would still have something to do, and not wait in the mostly empty endgame zone

i would implement a tendency for social players and toxic players to prefer to log off in the capital as well as spend some time there, while achievers might not want to do that. the main challange for us as players would be to keep such a place central and relevant.


If I can give a tip if it works, still not at this phase of game, but here it is. Inspiring from WoW database you can see city zones in level range 1-80 on WotLK especially. So my tip can be use on map all levels in range and create a city.

hey there recik, welcome to the club!

as far as i see the little players have something like a motivation to go somewhere, ie: it looks like they go to a level 8 zone once they are level 8. if there is no level 8 zone, they stick with the level 7 zone. if all quests are done in this zone, they start complaining that there is nothing to do for them and than unsub after a while.

it revolves pretty much around the problem “what to do if players are done with what is here”

hi, thanks toxi.

I can see your point here. If my opinion can help with region management, I’m trying to create in small regions mixed level zone like for yours 7-8 level and trying to create something for them, but honestly it’s still missing dungs. I think, for now, we can’t do anything if our map is just completed until updates with dungs, raids and world bosses comes.

from my exp, mixed zones simply dont work all that well. having single lvl zones gives you way more control and players dont do all that many stupid thing, they would do in mixed zones :wink:

okey cool, thanks for the tips