"Capital Cities or Social-areas"

Hey! love the game, its my > play mmorpg without everything I hate about them < game that I’ve been looking for!

One small thing I’d love to add that I’ve searched the forums for to see if someone has mentioned is Capital Cities. No one seems to mention it so I’ll just give my suggestion of what they could be.

What I want with Capital cities is a area that we can decide just like spawn-areas for monsters that would attract the “socialites” of the game. Players of all levels who just want to afk/be social/jump around on thier mounts ect would gather here. This is the place to show of your badges/achivments/epic loot.

As it is now you can kinda finesse these areas but i find it mostly become the 2nd level characters who refuse to level to lvl 3 who end up there and for higher level players there are always somewhere else to go, or not go I guess(why dont you want to go to the zone i made for you?! I have 4 different quests right there trying to force you!!! >:| ).

These areas could act as a place to go when the players does not know where they are supposed to go and talk to guru players or get quests that sends them all over the world.

Just my 2 cents - cheers!


Welcome to the MMORPG Tycoon 2 community ullo94.

Thanks for the suggestion ullo94! Would defs be interesting to see spaces like this in the game!

Love this idea. There isn’t much interaction at the moment between high level players and low level ones, but this would be a fun way to bridge that gap.

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