Can't place towns above buildings

Issue: You can’t put towns above buildings but you can put buildings above towns
Crash (y/n): no
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 7
Description: Its a Veeeeeeeeery common bug if you stop to think,but probaly 99% of the testers never noticed it,and i? yes i didn’t noticed in the start,but its A BUG,because of a proof
the bug basically is:you can’t place towns in the same space that you place a building,BUT you can place a building after placing a town in the same space of the town
first lets make a walktrough to repeat this bug and you guys will understand how it works:
go into a blank worlds,then at this blank world you put a road,then you put a town in this road,it don’t works? if it don’t works,that its the bug,but why this is a bug? heres the proof that this IS a bug:place a town at the side of this road,and put a road in the town space,YOU CAN SEE THE BUG NOW! or you can place a blacksmith or shop for seeing it better (the shop don’t can be putted before a town)

“Towns” are in a completely broken state right now (and have been since MS12). I’ve been wobbling back and forth between “redesign them from scratch” and “just remove them entirely” for months and months, and have been kind of avoiding making any decision at all about them, while working on more urgent things. I should really remove the tool for placing them until I can decide what they should be. That is, if they should be anything at all.

The current “town” thing came from a single piece of feedback from somebody who wanted an easier way to layout groups of buildings; wanted buildings on a grid and wanted it to be easier to lay down roads between closely-packed buildings. But the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’ve realised that MMORPGs never really had grid-packing of their settlements. Even in the really big capital cities in WoW, everything was built on arcs or other shapes.

Grids are useful for real-world cities, but are awful in video games, because when you’re down at ground level you can see too far; too much city geometry all at once. In the main era of big MMORPGs, everyone wanted to limit how much you have to draw each frame, and so MMORPG cities were almost always built on curves or other complicated shapes, just so that players couldn’t see too much of the city all at once. I’d like the appearance of towns in this game to reflect the sort of look of those classic MMORPG cities. Which means that I absolutely don’t want to be forcing things onto a big town grid.

So… really what I’m contemplating is whether to remove the ‘town’ feature entirely, or whether to just remove the ‘grid’ part of it. But without the grid, I’m not sure what a “town” actually does; what effect it has on the game. Subscribers certainly aren’t aware of towns at all right now. I’ll have a bit of a think about it.

…but with all that said, the described behaviour wasn’t a bug; it was intentional. The only function a town currently provides is to lock buildings inside the town onto a grid. You can’t place a town over an existing building because that building presumably doesn’t match the town grid.