Cant get money from respawn points and inns

i am settings the currency to real money and set the amount to 200 and i see alot of player using it but my money doesnt go up.

Hi LokiWassup, thanks for sharing and welcome to the MT2 forums! Do you mean you set your subscription fee to 200? Let us know and we can help! :slight_smile:

There is a misconception about respawn points I wish would be cleared up a lot more. When a player dies, their ghost is teleported back to the respawn pint. Here they have 2 options.

  1. Respawn Immediately: the player will respawn at the graveyard for a price if set in the options of the respawn point

  2. Float back to their grave: If they pick this option, usually because they don’t want to pay, their ghost will float back to their gravestone, and respawn there. They do this for free, and do not pay the fee of the respawn point.

Probably shouldnt charge people 200 dollars to logout lol… As for respawn i set the amount to 2$ to respawn there… And flightpoints are 1$ to use… I figure its good… Microcharge for convenience lol…