Can someone please tell me if I am missing the new assets?

I understand that a bunch of new scenery assets were added to the game and from some of the screen shots posted I think I am missing some if not all of the new assets. Can anyone please look at the screenshots bellow and let me know if everything that is supposed to be there is actually there? or maybe someone can post pictures of the assets in your MMORPG Tycoon 2 game so I can compare them?

Thanks very much

If you mean the 60 most recent additions, you have them. It included the tombstones, gargoyles, ruined buildings, tents, the big skeletons, ice chunks, pumpkins, and other stuff. The only category that doesn’t have anything new is the tree one.

Ah thanks so much for letting me know as I haven’t been usiing too many of the scenery items I couldn’t tell it I have the new ones and the game didn’t have an update available for it.
Thanks again your reply is really appreciated.