Can I put update forecast to 百度贴吧?

I am a Chinese players,This game has very good heat in China。
But there are some players on STEAM can’t the first time see the updated forecast。
I want to send you update forecast to 百度贴吧,So that more chinese players can see updated version :微笑:

So that more players see updated version
In Locailzor , I translated a lot of entries and qualified,YES!CCCCxin is me
So please don’t worry about my English is bad and wrong。。。。

So if you see these things please direct messages or I leave a message to express your opinion。 :sticked_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t know what 百度贴吧 is?

Baidu tieba is a large community gathering place for Chinese players

It’s definitely okay to post the changelogs elsewhere, including translating them into other languages. :slight_smile: