bugs and suggestions

I’m not good at English, please ignore my grammar mistakes
1.some players would gather unexpectedly and mix together like a Frankenstein or Stitches on the road
2.every time when I start the higher level place, the low level player would also get to the new place, but they can’t beat the monsters in the high level place, and they would die and ask for a refund
3.the chinese in the game, too many mistakes, for excample, fire was translated into flame instead of layoff
4.when the bad reviews get more and more, I didn’t see where the problem is, I just see ‘The view here is very good’(in chinese, I don’t know the original English) but did not see any bad feedback at the player’s idea

There are indeed have many mistakes in the Chinese translation that we have trying to explain them to new players

Your first problem the people gathered together. Are they standing motionless? If so Its a bug that will be fixed by the test branch on steam.

Your second issue could be cause by a few things that I’ve noticed. Are you making starting point in the higher zone? Starting points are where new players join the game at, you should only place them in level one zones. To connect the zones use a mountain pass in paths. If that’s not the case try adding another quest giver in the previous zone.