"Bugged" Players

Often I’ll see players with a red “bug” icon above their head (usually in big groups inside shops), frozen in place. If I manually drag them, the icon disappears and the players resume their actions.

I’m not really sure how this mechanic works. What causes it, how should it be “fixed” (manually moving them, relying on Developers/Game Masters, etc.?), and how can I prevent it?

Some buildings can get bugged (most notably inns and shops), which requires the attention of a Dev. Players interacting with that building will get stuck. If you hire more Devs, they’ll handle it for you before it becomes a problem. Until they do, you’re able to manually help stuck players by simply clicking on them (or moving them).

You can see the number of reported bugs that haven’t been fixed yet in the top left corner of the screen. Ideally you want that to stay <10, or else you probably need to hire more Devs. Things can get really out of hand if you ignore bugs.

Ah, I see - is there something that causes buildings to generate bugs over time, or is it at random? To keep the bug counter < 10 I find I have to hire three or four devs by the end of the first in-game “day”, which is quite expensive!