[BUG] VERY laggy in high speed at a certain point

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What sort of computer are you running the game on, and what version of the game is it?


PC on Win10
Geforce GTX 1070 Ti

Hello I have the same issue. It appears globally after around 2000 players in-game. And it’s getting worse with the players increasing.

The simulation definitely starts being more CPU demanding when it’s run at maximum speed (which is something like 100x normal time) with a lot of players connected at once! Obviously exactly where you’re going to start seeing frame rate loss at high speeds is going to change a lot depending upon your computer hardware and similar. And double-especially if you do world edits while running at a high simulation speed.

I’m definitely still planning on doing some further optimisation passes on the game, but the game is doing a whole lot of simulation work at those high speeds!

I thought I would bump this after I significantly upgraded my computer and still have this same problem.

I have approximately the same number of users online. I went from the following system:

GTX 970

Which would lag out as shown in the video above. I have now the following computer

8-Core AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
32GB DDR4 (3200)
1 TB Samsung 970 Pro NVME
GTX 970

But I still have the exact performance problems. I would have expected throwing a brand new CPU with faster ram/hard drive would have extended the playability.

Instead this world I have created is basically unplayable at all but the slowest settings. I can’t reasonably progress in the game without walking away from my computer for a few hours while it grinds away on the slowest settings

Right now, a lot of the game’s performance in large games is determined by the speed of a single core of your CPU. (Currently we only use extra cores for calculating pathfinding, not for running the rest of the game simulation) This can sometimes result in high-core-count CPUs not running as well as you might expect!

I have done some exploratory work toward moving a lot more of the core simulation to run multi-threaded, which has had some exciting speed-ups on multi-core setups, but also isn’t yet 100% stable.

If you submit the save (if you haven’t already), I can definitely use it as part of the performance optimisation process! (although right now my attention is mostly on the Combat 2.0 feature update, but I’m definitely planning to get back to the performance optimisation process once Combat 2.0 is out!)

Thanks for your reply!

I submitted an autosave recently with my specs and I think a description of slowness.

Regarding the speed of a single core, that is not uncommon to be sure amongst game devs. I am just surprised that upgrading from a 7 year old CPU to a brand new one, didn’t yield any improvements.

I’ve put this game on the shelf for now pending improvements. I love what you are doing and how active you are, but until I can actually progress in the game (or it ends up getting a massive asset increase) for me there is little to keep me playing.

That said, please do continue! I look forward to seeing where you take the game in the future!

I have an I7 10770 and a Geforce RTX 3090 and this game lags out. Plz optimize it more! we want to reach huge numbers of concurrent players!