Bug: Streamer instantly leaves

Issue: Streamer instantly leaves after joining (still satisfied, +500 subs)
Crash (y/n) No crash
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Version number: 0.18.10-g2c3dea4_win64
Description: after a Major update of my MMORPG a streamer comes to check it out. First streamer went fine but those after her left instantly, while still having fun in the game. When i get the message that a streamer has joined i instantly pauze the game, click on the message and the game zooms to the first tavern i build. (shouldn’t that be the starting portal as well?)

When i resume the game the streamer leaves without ever setting a foot outside said tavern. Any idea what might cause this?

I can add my save file tomorrow if needed! Its easy for me to reproduce since it happened every time on this save file.