Bug Report: WASD Not Working

Issue: (quick one-line precis of what happened) When i first started a new map, the first part of the tutorial said ‘use WASD’ but my WASD and arrow keys did absolutely nothing. I fixed it by alt tabbing out and back in!! Very odd.
Crash (y/n): (did the game crash?) No
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): (what sort of computer were you playing on?) Win 10
Version number: (what version number of the game are you running? If you’re able to reach the ‘desktop’ interface of the game, you can see this information in the ‘About’ window)
Description: (more detailed description of what happened, if you need more space. If whatever happened happens repeatably, please let me know!)

(please consider attaching your save file, if you think it might help me track down the trouble you’re having!)

Can’t really do much about this without any details!

Sorry, I added some details.