BUG REPORT mountain biome in the sea /mob zone crash


I managed to put the mountain biome in the sea to go up the beach. Then when I wanted to put a mob zone it crashed my game (several times in a row)

(sorry for the spelling I used google translate)

Hi @Tagazox !

Thanks for the report! I had your crash reports, but there wasn’t enough information in them to figure out what was causing it; with this comment I was able to work it out and I believe I’ve fixed the issue; it’ll rolle out into the next ‘test’ build, which will probably be in a couple hours. I’ll mention in this thread once that updated test build is up on Steam and get you to confirm that it’s fixed, if you’d be so kind!

In the meantime, try to avoid starting to build monster zones from inside obstructions; if you start building them in clear areas and draw toward the obstructions, instead of starting inside the obstructions and drawing outward, that should avoid the problem right now!

And the fix for this up on the ‘test’ build on Steam now! (right-click on the game in your Steam library, choose ‘Properties’, and in the window that opens go to the “Betas” tab and choose “Test – absolute latest codebase”. Then let Steam update the game)

If you could give that another try and verify whether it fixes the problem for you, that’d be great!

Hello , thank you !

The bug correction is successful, good job! :+1:

Thanks so much for confirming! I’ll be moving that bug fix over to the ‘default’ Steam build tomorrow morning (my time; about 12 hours from now)