[Bug] PC don't learn the right skills

V0.17.146: The skills i attribute to PC class are not the same as those they learn. The skills distribution appears to be random (even if some skill are learnt more often than other).

I’ve also detected that when you try to heal a friendly NPC with a character, it become hostile to you, just as if you had attacked him (healing count as an attack)

Hm, I can’t reproduce this. Can you submit the save game so I can take a look?

You can do that from here:

I’ve submitted it to you, sorry for the delay!

Also little erratum to my submission, spear throw is a lizardmen skill, not a Kobold one…
And just in case, i never created skills with those name for the PC class so the bug don’t come for a PC keeping a spell he should havce forgotten

Thanks for reporting this!

With the help of your save I tracked down the problem; we weren’t clearing out ability buttons which had previously been used (when you were controlling another character earlier), when you later took control of a character who had fewer abilities.

So for example, take control of a level 3 warrior with 3 abilities, and then release them and take control of a level 2 scout with only two abilities, and the warrior’s third ability would remain visible on the action bar. (it wouldn’t work, but it’d show up there!)

This bug is now fixed in my development builds, and the fix will be going into the next test build. Thanks heaps for reporting the problem!

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Thanks for the fix!
I have found other bugs since: some PC just stop fighting (the monster stop too) and they are locked in combat until i manually kill the monster

Some PC also started to fly (they still can interact with the world)