[BUG] My players keep dying

So, they die a lot, my players. Like, all the time. Not really because of any balance issues but because after every other mob they kill they switch activity from “doing quest XXX” or whatever to “socializing”, which essentially means “stand and die as mobs aggro and beat you to death” since they dont switch out of it into “kill mob that is hitting me” mode. Im assuming constantly dying has negative impact on their enjoyment, but regardless it feels kind of stupid. I dont know if Im beating a dead horse here, you might already be very aware of this issue, but I figured I’d make a post anyway…


Players standing still and not reacting when monsters attack them would definitely be a bug! What version of the game are you running? (The game shows its version number in the ‘About’ window and also in the bottom right corner of the screen for the first few seconds after launching it)

If you submid the save file to me I can definitely take a look. (on the ‘backups’ tab of the game you can select an individual save file and choose to submit it; that’ll upload it to me so I can take a look. Be sure to write something in the upload description so I can tell the file is from you!)

Version is 0.17.132-g8e8d487_win64 :wink:

Uploaded the save file and wrote a little message.