Bug: Giant frozen characters

I picked up the game today and first I want to say it looks great so far, can’t wait for it to be finished up. I’ve ran into a bug and on the steam forums others have experienced it, but I haven’t seen a mention if it here. I have several, about 100, out of my 2000ish subscribers frozen in a zone. The models for them are scaled up to be about 2x the size of the active agents. The are all frozen mid animation most standing some mid walk. They all have the status thinking. Oddly though at their enlarged size they match the scale of most scenery objects.

Hi, james! Thanks for the kind words and for the bug report!

I’ve heard this issue reported before, and I think we have a fix in place on the ‘test’ branch on Steam (right-click on the game and open its Properties dialog, switch tab to ‘betas’ and select the ‘test’ branch, then let Steam update the game); I’d be very interested if you tried loading your save in the current ‘test’ build and see whether the problem is fixed for you!

If what you’re seeing is the same thing I’ve had reported before, the problem appears to be subscribers choosing to unsubscribe for some reason, but then not actually logging out, so they get stuck “waiting to unsubscribe” state. I think we have stuff in place that should stop it happening again, and also to fix saves affected by the issue during a load. Definitely interested to hear whether the fixes on ‘test’ work for you!

All the best

That resolved the problem. Thanks for the quick response. Have you considered allowing the option to scale the scenery objects? Some of them are comically large compared to the players.