(BUG) Fast traveling cost 0

I have set fast travelling to cost 10 real money. However, it doesn’t seem to get any money from player when they hop on the eagle, and not even when they land.

Tested also with in-game gold, and can confirm that player with 0 gold just hops on the eagle.

Not even the Microtransactions section from Daily reports seems to register it. There are so many eagles on the air, that I should be a millionaire right now.

I have the same issue here. Also, when inspecting the fast travel points, the number of subs that use it never registers. Even with an active fast-travel network, when I can clearly see subs using the network, the number of total users at every fast travel point still reads 0.

Thanks for confirming this for me! I suspected that this might be the case, as the statistics weren’t incrementing, but I hadn’t gone to investigate yet. Putting this on my list to fix!