Black sea around island

Issue: Black sea
Crash (y/n): no
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10
Description: Trying the game out on a pc that i have aquired. created a new game and on creation of an mmo the sea shows as black.

I have tried adjusting settings in game and that has made no diffrence.

screenshot below shows whats happening.

on closing the game completly and restarting the issue persists and loading an older mmo also has this same issue.

PC Specs

AMD Athlon x4 750k 3.4 ghz
8gb ram
AMD Radeon HD 7700series driver 22.19.677.257

Ooh, interesting! I’m going to bet that it’s an AMD vs NVidia rendering issue. AMD’s drivers usually follow the OpenGL spec very strictly, while NVidia’s are more forgiving of little coding errors. Means that you can often wind up with rendering issues only showing up on AMD cards.

I have an old PC in storage, which has an AMD card. I’ll see whether I can reproduce the problem on that.

EDIT: Okay, interesting; doesn’t happen on my AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series, with driver 16.2.1 (Which admittedly is a pretty old card/driver). I’ll need to track down a newer AMD card to test with!

I have no idea how old the card is I’m using as the computer was inherited. The drivers that were being used were the one that is automatically provided via windows 10.

I have subsequently updated them to the most up to date.

Wikipedia tells me that that card is from around 2012. My Radeon HD 5800, by comparison, is from around 2009. I’ll see whether I can’t track down something from that era to try to debug whatever’s going on.