Being sick is lots of fun

Just keeping folks up to date; I’ve been ill for the last two days.

I think it’s just a really unpleasant cold. But it’s got me sneezing, sniffling, and generally headachey. Today has been a bit better, so I’m hopeful that I’m on the mend, but it may still be another day or two before I’m back to 100%.

On the plus side, this gave me the opportunity to binge play a bunch of old and new Tycoon games. Those of you I’ve friended on Steam (I’ve sent friend requests to everyone who posted over in that other Steam thread) may have seen me sink a silly number of hours into Blueprint Tycoon yesterday.

But the most profitable time was spent in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and in the early access Parkitect, which really crystalised a few things in my (slightly addled) head, and is making me do some big adjustments to some of the game rules.

Stuff that’s coming:

  • Functional buildings are going back to using static models, instead of dynamic, procedurally-generated ones. This is so that the player can more easily recognise them. (I’m hoping to begin to receive customised models for them next week; until then, they’re using programmer art)
  • The procedural-generated buildings are merely scenery, now. Players will enjoy them, but they don’t provide special activities any more. They are now charged per-tile, rather than per-building.
  • Each inn now can only hold a limited number of players. The number I’m using right now is 100, which was the old limit for how many players could be in a region at a time. If you have more than that, you’ll want to have extra inns. Probably several extra, since you really don’t want for them to fill up; players get annoyed if they go to set their home and discover that there’s no space for them.
  • We now simulate player inventory; players have “gold” and “loot”, either or both of which can drop from monsters and quests. You can place a “shop” to let players sell the loot they got from the monsters, and a “blacksmith” to convert gold into a weapon. Players will want to update their weapon each time they gain a level (and will suffer a combat penalty until they do)

I’m also working on fixing a bug which is currently causing players to never choose to log out. I’ve no clue how long that’s been broken, but in the current builds they just play 24/7 until or unless they decide to unsubscribe. Obviously, not ideal!

Thanks for your patience, everyone! Stuff is going slow while I get over this head cold, but I’m hoping to speed up again as it clears.

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So does that mean i can blame you for my own cold right now :stuck_out_tongue:

but anyway get well and i look forward to breaking your coming updates although i have a couple of weeks of busy time with work so dont get to do so much of the fun stuff boo.