Behold a PVP Free For All

First time I’ve enabled PVP in a game, and there’s now a constant little brawl that has sprung up here in front of and around a graveyard. I’m… not exactly sure what’s going wrong, but there’s a group of a few dozen players (in a game with about 2k subscribers) who are just constantly waging war right here, and joining right back into the fray when they’re defeated.


So… that’s a thing, apparently! Guess it’s time to start debugging!


comes up with plan to charge real world money for respawning >:D

It’s already possible! :smiley:

Oh I know just endless pvp takes the horrible practice to a whole new level muhahaha

Okay, actually am now going to start debugging this. (I got distracted by noticing that dynamic lighting seemed to have been broken; took a few hours tracking that down!)

My prediction, before debugging starts: players aren’t leaving PVP state after they die; they respawn, and continue fighting whoever they were fighting before. Will my prediction be correct? We’ll see! :smiley:

Geez, they’re even attacking the guy’s GHOST while he’s respawning in the graveyard! I’d never even considered that that might be possible…

Kept doing it until the poor guy got so frustrated that he unsubscribed!

EDIT: Oh no, people are treating social circles as an invitation to PVP, and are just wandering in and attacking the members! That’ll teach me to reuse bits of code to get players to meet up… fixing now. :smiley:

EDIT 2: Okay, I think I have PVP working approximately as designed, now. There are a few aesthetic problems (fighters often stand too close together), and a few little design problems (players of the same class and level tend to kill each other simultaneously, while duelling). And I still need to add the PVP banner while a fight is going on. But the general functionality is now there, I think.

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So how will pvp work? Is it a flag you would put on certain areas to enable pvp or some other way? :slight_smile:

The idea is that you research the “PVP” technology (or you start with it, if you’ve chosen “PVP” as your game type), and then you can enable or disable a “World PVP” option, which is what I’ve been implementing today and yesterday; the ability for one player to challenge another player to a duel.

The GUI for turning the setting on and off isn’t yet implemented, but I’m planning for it to be in another tab on the current “Overview” dialog. Shouldn’t take much to slap that together.

Even if you’ve turned off “World PVP”, there will be a few placeable “PVP Arena” buildings which you’ll get access to once you’ve developed the PVP technology. If you place them, people will duel others inside them, even when World PVP is disabled. Those won’t be in this upcoming milestone build, as their models are still being worked on by the artists. But it’s waiting in the wings. :slight_smile:


Alright thanks, sounds really good :smiley:

I have a suggestion of areas that have pvp, for mmos that have focus on being more hardcore. Old mmos as Tibia had this and it was challenging for the players. World of Warcraft has this too, but with factions. I think this would be cool in the game.

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oh this looks like it could be fun.

I agree, but this stuff might be considered a “hard mode”; from the point of view of the person designing and running the game, having to deal with multiple factions makes everything more complicated. It might be something to tack on later in development, when folks are looking for more challenges?

My experience with PVP “areas” was mostly in the City of Heroes games, personally. We could do that pretty easily, too.

Am sick at the moment, so development has been slow. Apologies! There’s really only about a day of work left to be done on PVP.

It was a while ago this was posted and I’m a nuisance for asking such a poor question but how does the PVP “arena” update work? i added it to my 3.0.0 game update and I can’t figure it out any help would be great, if not its fine, not too important

I do believe it tells you in the upgrade screen that the pvp arena is currently non-functional as it is not added in yet and I believe it just gives a gibs bonus or something similar.

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Thank you, didn’t see it i guess, i swear I read it, don’t think it did because I was debating on getting guild or arena and decided on arena

ahhh hahhhhh, i see, just got another major upgrade, “-been playing all day-” and you are right, same with guilds lol my b