Average of -4 addiction?

Hey all,

Fairly new player here! Currently into my second game and really enjoying it.

The mistake in my first game was that i adjusted a lot in the monster/classes sections, resulting in serious balancing issues. Due to this i decided to keep a strict limit on the number of classes, mobs and abilities unlock. Like this i hope to aim the classes towards a ‘B’ rating.

While doing this i was looking at the user stats of my players and all classes look pretty good! 4/5 happines, and some 4 or 5 in the other stats as well.

With the exception of Addiction, which is on average a -3. In reality this is all long term players being on -5 and the newer ones still on 0 but shifting towards -5.

How can i prevent this? How can i make my game more addicting?

How do your buff/nerf demands look on each class? In my game with the most addictive classes, there are almost no demands for any buffs or nerfs (less than 10) across all eight classes (and each class is distinct). My other games have more of an imbalance with some classes always demanding 100s of nerfs and the addiction levels are not has high in those games.

Yeah demands are most certainly above that treshold. I have one S rated class (far too strong?) and one D class but i just added it.

Ill look into that! Thx :slight_smile: