Assest Zone Placement

For the moment, when i would like to create a forest or a wheat field, i have to place every plant one by one and rotate them between two to add some random. So i think we need :

  • A zone placement button (which allow us to place multiple plant at the same time depending on a range that we selected (1-100)
  • A “Fixed on earth” button to avoid placing a plant on a other when it’s activate
  • A “Automatic rotation” button when activate, it will rotate what you have select after you place one.

For the moment I have spent 30 hours in the game for 3 zones complete and far of the level of details that i wanted, but it’s to long to place every plant one by one. And also it could be good if you can resize every assets to a normal scale at the start, it’s cool to have flower but some are giant and some small. Make them at the same size and increase the scale that we can modify.

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