Are there any plans on adding more class slots?

I already have my 8 classes (Pally ,FireMage ,Bdruid ,Demowarlock ,Warrior ,Ranger, Hpreist ,FrostDK) and there’s others I wanted to make especially with the new models like a Dwarf warrior and Alc class, or a Prot warrior and Ice mage etc etc, also so it looks like players are hitting themself with their own attack abilities, its not consistent though and happens at random.


Iam agree with you. I need more classess too )

More ability slots would be POG too

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How about instead of add more and more classes that players can choose from at the beginning…Add advanced classes like the classic Ragnarok. Warrior at a determined level can choose to be a BladeMaster or a Knight???


this would be cool too

Classes are archaic. They’re about limiting the imagination of PvE players so they can’t dominate everyone else in PvP. In Path of Exile, you can be whatever the hell you want to be. Even after eight years that game is still populated. I get that players will want to recreate WoW. Fine. But add a second option that removes classes for custom builds and tech trees.

That would take a while and you would have to spend a lot of time on it, i would prefer that they finished dungeons first, Also they would have trouble with the AI, because for things like that what’s the algorithm? It will be extremely hard for almost no benefit, also then you would have to put in an option for customized AI clothes because no classes, besides these aren’t real players, and you can always try and just build the same class but pretend its a different skill tree and not a class. Another problem with custom builds is balancing, because the AI has almost no way to distinguish from OP or Underpowered, in short its way to much effort by the devs for a feature very few people would use, besides there is always modding.

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On the topic of classes. there is cast time .5-5 secs, but could we get a mechanic for a channel, so it would do dps as long as the npc is channeling the ability, so as long the the channel is active every second or so some effect (damage/mana/etc) is done again. Also I would be cool if a silence mechanic is implemented, so this would cause a change in abilities to be spells or non spells, but a silence would make it so so spells cannot be used.

I imagine this as if a mage is casting a “meteor shower” and does x amount of damage per sec as long as it is channeled, this would increase the value of stuns, and also a silence to stop the channeling.

With testing I found out that was the case already, I revoke my question