Are pre early access testing builds available?


This game looks very interesting. I just wanted to hear if it’s possible to get access to a pre early access build? I don’t have much experience testing games for others, but i do have experience with game development. So i should still be helpful in someway.

Hi, @IronBucket1!

We’ve already chatted over in the Discord, but I figured I should reply to you here, too. :smiley:

Right now, I’m not bringing in new testers, but the game should be going up on Early Access in the reasonably near future; The goal is to get there within a month or two! Also, if you send an email to, I’ll add you to the list of possible testers, in case we do add a new round of testers at some point before early access. (But at this stage, I’m not expecting to do that; I’m expecting the next round of testers to be Early Access testers!)


Thanks for replying!
I will send an email just incase!
Also i might have created 2 posts, didn’t realize that threads needed to get approved by moderators.

Threads only need to be approved when they’re posted by someone just after creating their account. It’s an anti-spam measure in the forum software, I think! :smiley: