Are dungeons a good idea?

the roadmap tells us that the devs work on dungeons right now.

i have no idea if you guyes are reading this, but if you do you are eighter in the middle of this, near the end or you haven’t started yet.

if you done it, great, cant wait to check it out … but if you did not started it … i just want to know: isnt that complete bonkers?

i tried to wrap my head around how i would do it and i have no idea whatsoever how you can realize a dungeonbuilder without pretty much writing a new game within the game.

a dungeon is so different to normal gameplay that you would have to change how players play.

players would have to stick to their roles, such as healers would have to heal or make damage if the situation requires it. this is not what they do right now, as far as i can observe. even if we provide the players with dedicated tanks an healers, we can mess this up easy by defining heal abilities wrong, to week or so.

even if we do things right, a tank would have to have a taunt ability, which is not present in the game.

DDs would have to use crow control abilities (such as: root in place) in a semi-competent way (ie: root melee mods that are not in fighting range) and the tank would have to act in a semi competent way (move away from rooted mobs and not towards the next group)

all in all we talk about way more complex player “brains”.

and then we are at the mobs. dungeons typically have groups. ok. we can do that with the elite mob button … but if we are talking about bosses … things become again quite interesting, esp if we start about combat phases, abilities and so on. just a big npc would not feel satisfying, i guess.

All in all … that’s a lot to chew. I would love to see it … but I bet this all translates into so much work that you could implement 3 other features in the same time.

Hope I am wrong anyway and you solved all of the stuff already :wink:

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